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Swimming pool and spa heaters can also encounter internal breakdown within the heat exchanger. This breakdown occurrence often appears as staining on the swimming pool or spa’s surface (plaster, pebble, and all other pool or spa surfaces). Because the heat exchanger is made of copper, this staining can show up in a variety of colors.

Pool pumps have mechanical parts and water tight seals that wear out over time. Signs of this occurring can be pool motors running loudly, leaking from gaskets connecting the pump together, or leaking from the bottom seal that separates the water housing and the motor of the pool pump.

Swimming pool filters come in a variety of types such as Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), cartridge, and sand. All of which come with the same types of problems, such as leaks in the plumbing, broken backwash valves, water tight gasket leaks, or cracks in the shell.

Automated Controls / Spa Side Remotes
There are certain components that will fail over time such as relays, temperature sensors, pc boards, and other internal electronics. If you are having problems with your automated controls, these components should be diagnosed by a certified, trained technician, ensuring that the work is being performed safely and correctly the first time.

Salt Water Systems
All salt water swimming pool systems need to have the salt cells inspected or cleaned at least every three to four months depending on the calcium buildup. Also, they occasionally need to be calibrated to insure that the system is reading the level of salt in the pool correctly, enabling it to produce the proper amount of sanitizer. When the cell fails, it stops producing chlorine, making replacement necessary.

Pool and Spa Lighting
Pool and spa lights are at a constant risk for problems. Light gaskets can leak over time allowing water to make contact with the electrical components of the light causing the bulb to fail. Typically in this situation a new bulb and gasket can be installed to solve this problem. Additionally, a faulty light gasket can seep water which over time can cause corrosion inside the pool or spa light fixture. The only solution in this situation is to replace the entire fixture.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Over time, the constant movement of the cleaner will wear down components of the unit. Replacing worn parts allows for optimum functioning and prolongs the life of your swimming pool vacuum.

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